Secondary Battery Solutions
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ESS / UPS (with KOKAM)

2B4G offers a wide range of ESS/UPS Solutions,
which can be integrated with various power grids and applications. We promise to provide on the most innovative and environment friendly solutions for a sustainable and clean future.

Superior Battery Cell Key Features

• Safe with Supreme Heat dissipation • Longer Cycle and Calendar Life
• Z-Fold Stacking & Special Coating method to reduce internal resistance • Low Impedance and Low Heat Generation
• Exceptional life cycle and high discharge rate capability • High Charge / Discharge Energy Efficiency
• High Power Performance • Light Weight
• High Energy Density (130 ~ 265 Wh/kg) • No Memory Effect
• High Gravimetric and Volumetric Power Density • Low Self-Discharge Rates
• Excellent Power-to-Energy Balance

Range of Solutions