Electric Mobility
Secondary Battery Solutions
Electric Mobility
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Electric Mobility

We provide various battery pack solutions that can be integrated to various ranges of Electric Mobility – such as EV, Electric Rail Systems, Marine ESS, Drone, Military Applications, Electric Scooter, etc.

Standard Electric Mobility
Our Battery Solutions are automotive certified with high energy density and maximum durability under extreme conditions.

Key Features

• Easy to customize high voltage, low voltage and cooling interfaces to each application
• All connections at front panel; rear access not needed for installation
• Our Next Generation BMS technology permits very large strings and pack combinations.
• Allows upgrades to connector styles, fuses, VTBs without tooling entire pack
• Robust, highly serviceable BDU with integrated SCU; standalone MCU
• Available with or without internal fuse
• Direct cooling to cell face; 50-75% less mass than competing technology; maximizes volumetric efficiency
• Enhanced cell separator eliminates the need for thermal barriers
• Significant volume reduction due to fluid cooling
• Longer calendar & cycle life
• Flexible packaging & Freely scalable system design
• Preserved from electrical and physical abuse
• Long maintenance free periods for lower costs in cycle life
Customized compact and light design available
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Marine ESS

Key Features

• Direct water cooling with water jacket inserted between the cells
• IP56 and salinity resistive housing
• Easy change of module length according to the customer requirement
• Thermal runaway tested according to classification society rules
• Shock, vibration, temperature, EMI/EMC, Salinity tested according to
   classification society rules
• Ship Roll and Pitch tested according to submarine/ship motion requirement
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With our ability provide flexible and modular designs, Battery Modules can be
customized to meet various technical needs. Reliability of batteries in defense,
marine and aviation is vital to its performance.

Our battery technology is capable of operating over a wide temperature
range, which is ideal for rugged defense use.